#NewProject by @caliptra_agency
➡️ Cliente: Scotti Wines
➡️ Producto: Wine packaging design | Label design
➡️ País: Argentina para Estados Unidos
➡️ Concepto: Scotti Wines llega a Estados Unidos con un Malbec Argentino, sus costumbres, su cultura, tanto, colores patrios y corazón apasionado desembarca en el norte de américa para conquistar.

#NewProject by @caliptra_agency
➡️ Client: Scotti Wines
➡️ Product: Wine packaging design | Label design
➡️ Country: Argentina for the United States
Concepto️ Concept: Scotti Wines arrives in the United States with an Argentine Malbec, its customs, its culture, both, national colors and a passionate heart, disembarking in North America to conquer.