What Caliptra means

Caliptra, Spanish for root cap, is the vital component of all plants for them to flourish with dazzling beauty and vitality.

Located around the roots, it furrows the fertile soil to absorb nutrients, protecting and accompanying its growth for the flower to become magical, powerful, and distinctive.

From this −from nature− we learned that the indisputable and universal beauty comes not from a divine whim, but from constant work and effort.

Success means decision-making, good choices and committed creativity.


We are a group of professionals from different areas addressing projects with global approaches, always working with commitment and passion to build and nurture resilient ideas and strategies with a great future. We are a multidisciplinary team that transcends borders and advises clients from different parts of the world.


Somos una agencia argentina fundada en el año 2010, ubicada en la provincia de Mendoza. Con filial en Lima, Perú, desde el 2020, que nació con el objetivo de coberturar en Latinoamérica e iniciar un proceso de expansión global. Contamos con 13 años de trayectoria en el mercado nacional e internacional.

Caliptra Creative House is a firm specialized in Branding, Packaging, Social Media, UX design and 360° advice to companies that seek to develop a product or a business and expand it in a specific market.

In addition, we accompany and guide our clients in the growth and development of their ventures, from the sowing of the idea, through the management of creative and aesthetic strategies, to the final delivery of the desired success.

Tenemos una visión 360 sobre cada proyecto, desde el inicio y su creación, hasta el lanzamiento, ejecución y evaluación en el mercado. Trabajamos y nos encargamos de destacar empresas especializadas en productos vitivinícolas, bebidas, espirituosas, olivícolas; alimentos; gastronomía; turismo; salud, estética, cuidados personales; desarrollo inmobiliario, construcción; servicios de software; indumentaria; retail; seguros; arte, entrenamiento, deporte y automotriz, entre otros rubros

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I specialize in brand creation, product development, product reengineering, and the establishment of new businesses.

My experience of over 25 years in the beverage industry has allowed me to build new brands, launch them into the market, communicate them, and track their evolution over time.

Throughout my career, I have advised and worked on numerous branding projects, tackled various packaging challenges, and been involved in product strategic planning and marketing.

The common thread has been and continues to be a commitment to the client, creativity, and innovation in every challenge, as well as the pursuit of real solutions for each case. Always aiming to maximize the advantages of each project and empower it to reach the market and achieve the expected success.

MBA in Viticulture and Wine Marketing Management.
University Juan Agustín Maza.

Diploma in Viticulture Operations Management.
University Juan Agustín Maza.

Diploma in Strategic Marketing and Wine Exports.
University Juan Agustín Maza.

Diploma in Strategic Management of Viticultural Organizations.
University Juan Agustín Maza.

Diploma in Managerial Accounting and Finance for Wineries.
University Juan Agustín Maza.

Specialized Industrial Designer in Graphics.
Nacional University of Cuyo

Olive Oil Sommelier.

Español, Italiano, Portugués, Inglés.