Formulation of business concept; naming generation (name of the Company) and strategies definition.
Regular advice on image and communication.
Brand design and / or redesign, Brand building and portfolio development.


Label, back-label, stickers, necks, blisters, stoppers marking, boxes, cases, special bottles, cans, sets development, wrapping paper, bags, among others.


Photographs of the product, digital photographs and photographic sessions.

Exhibition material

Islands, displays, totems, friezes, end caps, fair stands, standards, banners, flags, showcases on the street and advertisements in the media, among others.

Promotional material

Collars, table tents, postcards, flyers, mailing, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, technical specifications, suggested prices lists, inserts and menus.


Product specifications, materials list, coding, dry production supplies, development and technical specifications.
Advice on internal circuits and SKU composition.
Technical and legal packaging consultancy.
Lead Time projects, leadership and new developments framing.
Products reengineering, SKU and production supplies analysis.
Products and dry production supplies benchmarking.
Quality control for wine labels printings and other production supplies.
Winding tension control.
Technical specifications control.
Finished product control.
Production supplies control.
Machine foot and color standards approval.
Maximum, minimum and standard folders management.
Coding. Bar coding management and production.
Stickers for cases and bottles production.


New products launching, line extensions and customized services for different markets.
Promotional acts for the destination markets, importers and distributors.
Management of design validation with importers.
Mockups development and samples for the authorization in different countries.
Management of Translations.
SKU creation and coding.
Analysis of purchase orders feasibility.
Physical samples sending.
Production supplies activation.


Image and placing study.
Analysis of competitors.
Product launching plan.


Suppliers and quotations management.
Costs and production supplies reduction and finished products.